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Whiskey Cherry Gourmét Beef Salami (with pork back bacon)
Rindfleisch Salami nach Ungarische Art- Rindfleisch
Rindfleisch Salami Walnuss
Gourmét Rindfleisch-Salami ( mit Schweinerückenspeck Anteil ) mit frischem rosa Knoblauch hauseigene Herstellung von Hand gefüllt luftgetrocknete und naturgereifte Salami mit feinster Buchenspäne kaltgeräuchert 100% ungespritztes Fleisch frisch gemahlene Gewürze
Rindfleisch Salami mit Buntem Pfeffer - Viehweg Spezialitäten -
Rindfleisch Salami Chili Extrascharf

Whiskey Cherry Gourmét Beef Salami (with pork back bacon)

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Product Information

  • Whiskey Blackberry Gourmét Beef Salami (with pork back bacon)
  • with the best whiskey aged for 12 years
  • fine cherries (cherry) for the fruity taste
  • in-house production
  • made by hand
  • Cold smoked with the finest beech shavings
  • air-dried and naturally ripened salami
  • 100% uninjected beef
  • Selected, freshly ground spices

Beef = 74.5%,
Pork back bacon content = 20.2%,

Other ingredients:
Share = 2.1%

sodium ascorbate, ripening cultures,
Nitrite pickling salt and NHCL, beech wood smoke
Sulfur dioxide and sulphites

Whiskey = 2.5%
(Cherries) Cherry = 0.7%

100g beef salami is made from 135g beef and pork bacon.

(may contain traces of mustard)

Weight approx. 220g

Calorific value:

Sodium: 1.28g
Salt: 3.2g
Fat content: 30g
Saturated with it
Fatty acids: 12 g
Carbohydrates: <0.5g
Of which sugar: <0.5 g
Protein content: 25g
Kcal: 368
kJ: 1528


Whiskey, cherries, sulfur dioxide and sulphites, mustard and products derived therefrom, with preservatives, with antioxidants, with nitrate (exclusive use)

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